How To Make Money With Youtube (3 Simple Steps)

I think it’s been 10 years or more since Google purchased Youtube for 1.4 billion. Yes that is with a “B”.

That is a huge number and it was well worth it. Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine online behind Google. So it natural that a company would want to own all the traffic online.

Now that you know where all the attention is online, you want to figure out how to make money with youtube. And the best way is to learn a few simple strategies that will get you to your income goals.

But before you jump into making money. Let’s step back and realize that youtube is not some ATM money machine you can just push in a few numbers and out comes the money.

How to make money with youtube is to create value for others. If creating value is not your thing, then you’re going to struggle to make money with youtube.

If you are ok with creating real value for others, then this is for you.

I’m going to assume you have a channel setup, if not get a free account and then get a youtube account.

Step #1 – Just Get Started

I know this sounds basic but it’s so important. I’m sure you have a smart phone with a camera. I mean in 2017 it’s almost crazy to think we don’t have some kind of smart phone.

And that is the place to get started. Your smart phone is good enough, and it will get you started. I use my Iphone 5 SE to shoot all my youtube videos each day and it works great.

So don’t use the excuse of not getting started because you don’t have a camera.

Put your phone on a tripod, or just hold it out, hit record, and start talking. Give value, and your videos will turn out great. Someone out there needs your value, and if you don’t get started then you are going to keep that person from achieving success.

If you want to add a better mic, since the built in smartphone mics are not usually the best, you can swing and get a lavalier mic. Here is a link to an amazon mic that works great.

With the Youtube app on the smartphone you can hit record and the video will upload right into your account.

Step #2 – Thumbnail, Title, and Description

Google loves Youtube videos, because they own Youtube. And that means videos usually out rank regular websites in the search results.

But before you can get your video inside the search results, you have to tell Google what your video is all about. And you should have a thumbnail that stands out to get people to click on it.

I use an online graphic program that is super easy called This website has premade templates for youtube thumbnails that anyone can use and create amazing looking thumbs.

Next will be the title.

Are you stuck on this part? When your getting started just use this before what it is you are talking about.

“How to…” How to grow greener grass, How to make a video, How to change a flat tire.

Just put that in front and you will tell people exactly what it is they are getting.

And the last part is the description. Inside here is the place to talk about your video, but more importantly it’s the place to put your link to your website.

I like to send people to my optin form, give away something of value in exchange for an email. This way I can follow up with my new leads using email.

Step #3 – Tell People What To Do Next

Your whole point of the video is to first give value, but to get people off Youtube and onto your website or optin form.

Let’s just say you are into the Health and Fitness niche and you created a video about eating healthy. A link to a website that sold a product to teach people to eat better will be in your description.

But more important, is when your creating your video, tell people at the end to click on the link to get more info on what ever it is you talked about in the video.

People need to know what the next step is. If you want them to opt in, then say click the link and option. If you want them to get more info, then say click the link and get more info.

And don’t feel like you’re a pushy salesman here. If you give value, then it ok to ask for something in return. It’s called the “The Law of Reciprocity” and it works!

Now you are ready to go make money with Youtube.

It’s not time to Get Started!!

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