How To STOP Making THIS Investment In Your Business

The year was 1996 and I decided that I was going to get my private airplane pilots license.

I had watched planes on TV, played flight simulator games and figured I could fly an airplane no problem.

Just give me the keys…

Scott (my flight instructor) lets me sit on the left seat (captains side) for our first flight ever so I could get a feel of how to fly the Cessna 172 that I’d be training on.

Only problem was – I had no clue how to even start the thing.

That’s okay – Scott got it started and we got up in the air and I really did nothing but freak out inside.

This was NOT like the games I had played on the computer…

Because it was a nice HOT August afternoon – we were bouncing all over the sky and I was pretty much ready to puck all over myself.

However, Scott got us back on the ground and thank God – he never let me land the plane.

A number of months later – I was now flying on my own and was piloting even bigger airplanes with no problem.

Getting Clients Online Is EXACTLY Like This…

Most coaches simply read a blog post, watch a free video, attend a webinar and think they got enough info to simply scale up their business with paid traffic.

I see it all the time…

Problem is – that’s like reading a book and then thinking you are going to be able to fly an airplane.

I see SO MANY coaches doing this and then they just keep pouring more and more cash into traffic thinking it will get better.

If I would have went at it alone with flying that airplane – I would have made the news (and not in a good way)!

My question for you is – How much longer are you going to try and figure out how to grow your coaching business by yourself (alone)?

There is literally dozens of different ways to get clients and build systems so they buy from you for your HIGHEST INVESTMENT…

BUT the problem is – if you are trying to figure it all out yourself – how do you know which combination is right?

A few years ago a good month for me was about $15k in new sales. And I worked like crazy for it and probably NET about $2k out of that.

Last month was about $100k in new sales and my traffic costs are not much higher vs when I was doing $15k a month.


I invested in myself and figured out how to do this the RIGHT WAY for ME!

** Here’s the secret -> No matter what you do – you are investing in yourself.

You are either investing in staying where you are OR investing in moving to the next level with your life and business.

Lets fix this:

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