How To Stop “Selling” On Your Strategy Calls & Enroll Even MORE Clients?

The biggest problem with doing “strategy calls” is you have to SELL!

The problem with this is – you never get into coaching to have to sell people and run a call center.

And it can get VERY discouraging having to deal with peoples objections all the time:

– “I need to think about it…”

– “Have to talk to everyone I know…”

– “I LOVE what you are doing but it is to much money…”

– “Why should I work with YOU over the other 24 coaches who do what you do?”

– “Can you give me a discount?”

Do you ever get sick of hearing these?

Or worse – do you ever get sick of NOT having an answer for them?

The problem is that if you are getting these questions or objections – something is WRONG with your system.


The current discovery call model is BROKEN and the enrollment rates are only going to keep getting worse for you.

Sure – if you get some referrals from a friend or client – those people almost always move forward with you.

But that is not a scalable model. You must move beyond that or you will get stuck at your current income level.

And the problem is getting COLD TRAFFIC who just found you a few days ago to move forward into your most expensive coaching program NOW!

Not in six months from now..


And that is EXACTLY where the current discovery call model breaks down.

You will just end up blowing through traffic, leads, prospects and get “NO’s” all day long if you don’t fix this.

Is that what you want?

That is what I used to do for YEARS!!

I was making about $15k a month and spending $15k to $17k a month on traffic and expenses.

I was getting dysfunctional clients, getting tons of “NO’s” and was basically running a call center for myself.

I was doing all the stuff the “guru’s” were telling me to do in order to get clients…

But it was failing and the only person making any money out of this was the credit card company who was charging my interest on my $55k in debt every month.

Life sucked!

But then I finally put together the “Perfect High Ticket Funnel” and everything changed.

Debt was gone…

People started moving forward with out me SELLING…

Record months in sales…

Massive profits…

Working less…

So what changed?

I stopped doing what all the guru’s were telling me and did what I KNOW works.

And I perfected the “Perfect High Ticket Funnel” system.

My question for you today is – How much longer do you want to wait before you build a coaching business that can add an extra $10k to $30k per month without a lot of traffic, selling & technology?

Before implementing my “Perfect High Ticket Funnel” system my life was a disaster…

After implementing it – life has never been better.

So if you are ready to fix this, stop selling on your calls, get your traffic to convert to high ticket clients and want to grow your coaching business fast then lets setup a strategy session right away.

Click the link below, let me know a bit about your situation & will have a call and I will teach you the “Perfect High Ticket Funnel” system that has changed my life and could change yours too.

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