How To Trick Your Mind For Success

Have you every said to yourself “Why is success not happening” or “Why do I have so many bills” or “Why am I not making the kind of money I want”?

If you are anything like me then I have asked these questions alot.

And I found out that the more negative questions I asked the more true they become.

So I thought,  why not just think about the stuff I really and forget about the stuff I dont want.

That is when I started to trick my mind into only thinking about the stuff I want.

If you are asking some of these negative questions.  Try this out

Say things like “I am a money magnet” “I am living the life I want” “I am making the kind of money I deserve”

These are the kinds of questions that will trick your mind into success.

You will find yourself getting small wins here and there.  And when you do get to the point of small wins.

Then you know its working.

Sure I get it, the mindset stuff is not sexy.

For many years I was just a work hard, bust your ass, no mindset kinda guy.

And guess what?

I got exactly what I was asking.

More bills, More Frustration, and More Struggles.

When I tricked my mindset for success.

My life started to change around.

Try it out in your daily life.  Take notice of what you say to yourself.

And only focus your thoughts on what you truly want.

When focus the mind, you start to get what want.  ( the good stuff)

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