3 Step Facebook Ad Strategy To Boost Your Lead Flow

Is your lead flow depended on referrals? Or are you trying to blog everyday hoping Google will pickup your article and send you FREE traffic?

Both of these are crazy hard, and it takes a lot of patience to make it work.


Because it’s called “blind, cross your finger marketing”.

And you will never will be able create the right audience doing this bling marketing.

But what if you could build the right audience who are begging to buy your offer and services?

This is what you do…

Step 1. Create ONE article on your blog, set a facebook retargeting pixel on that page. Then create a facebook ad to that article.

Facebook is now looking to see how long people stay on your page. The longer they stay the more relevant it looks to facebook. Then they will give you cheaper clicks.

Step 2. Create an audience inside Facebook Ad account with the people who visited your article. This audience now knows you how you are, you’re not a stranger, and now you can put up a different ad to this group of people.

Step 3. Create a second ad and send all the clicks to your automated webinar or videos that make an offer to work with you.

Follow this simple step by step and watch your lead flow increase by 300%.

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