Episode27 – I need a banner created

If you know how to use photoshop then I would try to make them yourself. The reason is you will have a very unique banner that no one else will have. This is good because you will not have the same banner as many others out there.

If creating a banner is not your thing then you can head over to fiverr and get someone to make you a banner there. Lots of good graphic designers that have gigs inside fiverr.

The banner that you see on this podcast and blog post is from fiverr. I paid $5 for it and it turned out great.

If you have some bigger projects then head over to upwork.com and post you are looking for graphic work. Be very specific in what you want and make sure to see other work the designer has done in the past.

Having a good banner created for you is so important because you need to stand out from everyone else. The banner needs to grab the attention of the visitor.

But just as you can draw the attention of visitors with a good banner. The banner will eventually slow down its effectiveness.

So if you have a great designer you can go back to and great fresh banners made, then you will see great success with your advertising.

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