Episode #68 – If I only have 2 hours how can I leverage my time?

There are only 2 things you can be doing when you are online. One is income producing activities and the other is Non income producing activities.

When you only have 2 hours either in the morning or in the evening to work on your business then that time HAS to be spent on income producing activities.

Watching youtube videos, reading your facebook wall, setting up your blog, making a logo for your website, worrying about setting up a company, reading emails, and spending 1 hour on the phone with a new lead is NON Income Producing Activities.

Making a video and uploading to youtube, posting on your facebook wall with a link to your lead capture page, and buying new traffic are Income Producing Activities.

So in this 2nd group, pick one or do them all. But these are the things you must be doing in the 2 hours that you have.

In 2 hours you could make 3 videos, 10 new FB posts scheduled to go out over the day, and buy 4 new solo ads or facebook ads.

Do you see the difference? Are you guilty of doing the Non Income activities?

It’s time to spend that time to the max. Get going right now.

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