Episode57 – Question Of The Day – Is SEO Worth It

Back some 5 years ago I was building this blog to try and build an audience for a training program that I was promoting at the time.

Everyday I would create content, upload it to my blog, and do all kinds of seo on page stuff.

And it worked… for awhile.

For awhile I was on the front page on many different search engine keywords. LIfe was good, traffic was flowing, leads came in, money was coming in and yes people wanted to learn more about what I was doing.

But then Google came in and slapped all my websites. And guess what went with it? Traffic, money, leads, fame (not really, lol)

Yes it all went downhill in a hurry.

So is SEO worth it? If you are building a website only for the purpose of trying to get on the front page of Google then I would say no.

SEO is something that should be gravy on top of everything else you are doing online. If you get traffic from the search engines then great. But I wouldn’t count on it for long term success.

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