Episode #77 – Is there money reselling ebooks?

Is there money reselling ebooks?

If you take a bundle of ebook, package them together and then sell them. Sure you can make a few bucks. But long term it has never worked for me.

Even if you take a private label rights product and make it your own. That does not work also for me.

Most of the ebooks you bundle, and the PLR are old info. Yes the information is good, but still the date is going to be a year or two old.

And who wants old information? Not Me

So the real money is in creating your own ebooks.

The information is coming from YOU, and it’s fresh.

People will buy from you when they know it’s your product with your information.

If you put down your strategies that are working, then that is how you will make more money.

Always remember that when it comes to online sales, and ebooks. People will always join, or buy from other people.

When they trust you and your information, that is when you hit the gold mine with ebook sales.

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