Is This Keeping You Stuck In Your Coaching Business?

Do you ever feel like you are simply “stuck”?

You feel like you have the right business and you are getting clients but your stuck…

That is exactly how I felt for a lot of years in my business.

I was just STUCK.

I could not breakthrough it no matter what I did.

And the problem was – it was costing me a lot of money, time and a heck of a lot of stress…

And to make it worse – everything new I tried, I felt ANXIOUS about. Like to the point of having a panic attack.

And so I would pull back from that growth opportunity out of FEAR.

And then I’d be stuck again…

And again…

You know what it was? It was my belief system about myself and my business.

It was a disaster.

I really believed I could succeed, grow to the next level and build a very successful business.

But I had a deep rooted belief system that was holding me back and keeping me in a state of lack and fear.

In fact – there were 3 massive issues that held me back from growing my coaching business. Once I broke through these 3 issues – my coaching business took off…

#1 – I Did NOT feel worthy cause I had failed so much.

Ever feel that way? Don’t want to charge what you are worth?

Funny thing is – your MESS that you’ve overcome is actually your most powerful MESSAGE.

Well –> I had a limiting belief around that. And so I never really believed in myself and I kept destroying my results…

#2 – I Could NOT see how this could work…

My brain was so stuck in “fight or flight” mode that I could not see the next level in my business.

All I could see was the LACK in my life. (Business, money, etc)…

I could not see the bigger picture or how I could take my business to the next level.


I seen everything through the eye’s of cost, price, cutting, lack, less, not enough, save more, etc…

Everything in my life about money was about fear of losing and problems.

so my mentality was – what if I buy more traffic and it DOES NOT work?

What if I raise my prices and NO ONE buys?

That was my life for YEARS.

I was so messed up that my struggles even had struggles…

But once I fixed my “mental game” EVERYTHING got easier in my business and it took off.

So if you feel like your “stuck” and you keep coming back to the same place over and over again – it’s time to fix it.

Here is a formula that works like crazy for helping you to fix it:

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