Episode52 – Mac or PC what is better?

I was a PC guy for a long time only because I looked at a Mac as just a machine for graphic designers, and not a workhorse for my business.

But that all ended in 2008. My PC got the blue screen of death for about the 5th time I just said enough is enough. Then went out and picked up a macbook pro.

Up to that point I would deal with PC’s and the various problems they would have. And you can see what Mac has done to the PC industry, they have crushed them.

Why? Because Apple puts out a product that works, and works for years.

6 months with a PC and your computer is infected with all kinds of malware and other crap. So every 6 months you have to factory reset the entire operating system.

I toss the blame out to Microsoft and Windows OS. All Microsoft cared about was making money, and forgot it’s hard to make profits when you have a crap product.

You can see this in other industries. Look at the car industry. American cars dominated, and the companies got fat and bulky. So the Japanese came in and deliverd a product that works and works for years.

I have driven both american cars and japanese and will never buy an american car again.

It’s not that I’m not American and proud, but I want to drive quality.

So my Answer is MAC all the way!!

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