Mail Out Ad Review, Is Mail Out Ad A Scam or Legit Business?

Mail Out Ad Review

Is Mail Out Ad Scam or Legit Business? Lets get into the facts and see what we uncover.

Hi, and welcome to this Mail Out Ad review.

Right now on social media, and other places online I see alot of hype about this company, so I decided to dig in a bit and see what its all about.

A few people I talk with say its a great opporutnity, but then I see alot that say its one big scam.  I want to cut through all the hype and get into some real details.

Im going to get into the compensation plan, the company, and products, then help you make a sound decisions.

Lets see if this really is one big scam or legit business.

Mail Out Ad Review – The Company Details

The domain “” was registered on Nov. 21st 2017,  but the information is private so we really dont know who owns it.

I do see that the office address is a rental space for virtual offices in Delaware.    When I contacted the regus rental space, then didnt have anyone is the suite number provided.

So this looks to be a bogus address given.

Alex has most of the traffic coming from the United States, so I am assuming that the admins are located there.

I like to warn people that you should think twice about investing your hard earned money into an business that is not transparent who the owners are.  Becaue if they close down the site, you will have no one to find to go after.

Mail Out Ad Review – The Products

The business has no retail products to sell.  Only affiliates can promote the membership.

Mail Out Ad Review – The Compensation Plan

Affiliate can invest with the promise of a high return.  These are the  different packages.

Package 1 – invest $100 and receive a $300 after 300 days
Package 2 – invest $500 and receive a $1650 ROI after 300 days
Package 3 – invest $1000 and receive a $3600 ROI after 300 days
Package 4 – invest $3000 and receive a $11,700 ROI after 300 days
Package 5 – invest $5000 and receive a $21,000 ROI after 300 days
Package 6 – invest $10,000 and receive a $45,000 ROI after 300 days

Every 10 days the ROI is paid out until the entire advertised amount is paid back.

There is also a 10% withdraw fee out.  So you may want to consider  this into your investment.  Seems a bit high dont ya think?

An affiliate will receive a t10% referral fee for people they invite to the website using the referall link.

The commissions will be paid out using a binary mlm structure.

Its you and then you build a team under you with only 2 downline legs.   So affiliates could get what is called spill over from their sponsor.

Mail Out Ad Review

If you get a good sponsor who is a recruiting machine then this binary will help build one side, then you just have to go build the other.

It works only if you are in the right position.

Mail Out Ad Review – Getting Started

Affiliates can join for free, but to take part in the income opportunity you have to invest $100 to get started.

Mail Out Ad Review – My Conclusion

Nothing new here, another website that claims to offer advertising, but no one out side of this system will ever purchase ads.

So that leaves the only way this website is generating revenue is with new affiliates adding new funds.

This is a straight up Ponzi and they never last.

Now they do lock up your investment for 300 days.  This will give the admins plenty of time to build up a reserve before they stop paying out.

This is what happens.  The hype and excitement at the start will bring in new affiliates and new money.

But when that hype goes away, and new money stops flowing.  The admins will stop paying out, and will find some excuse like a hack, or government shut down.

So if you want to take a chance, go for it.

But if you want my recommendation, something that is a real business with real income, click on the links below.

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