How To Make Your First $100 Online



It’s been about 10 years now that myspace was at it’s peak. Those of you that don’t remember myspace was facebook, before facebook.

It was huge, in fact so big that the site was purchased for $600 million.

And I was right there riding the wave, well for a little bit at least.

Myspace was my first real affiliate marketing money. My first $100 online.

It was like I went to the moon and back when I got my first affiliate marketing sale.

I jumped in and started promoting a dating offer that paid out $7.50 for a sale on the site.

Not a lot, but the traffic I drove from myspace really pushed those number up.

Affiliate marketing is just promoting someone else’s product, and getting a commission from that sale. Say like 60% of the sale, and today is about 100% of the sale.

But let me get real with you. Before you go putting dollar signs in your head, and dreams of traveling around the world next week.

It ain’t gonna happen.

Unless you can tap into a targeted traffic source.

See with myspace I could send 100k hits, at my peak, to any offer I wanted. Dating converted the best so I hit those offers the hardest.

Yet as good as it all ways. The myspace money train came to a halt super fast.

They changed up their system and I lost 100% of my traffic overnight.

Yes I was pulling in $20k a month one day, and nothing the next.

So when I say that it takes traffic to make affiliate marketing work, you will understand why.

Today getting traffic is about creating real value for others. Long gone are the days of put up a website, or toss up some links and people will buy everything.

To get targeted traffic today requires a relentless action taking. Sorry to say, but it takes a crazy amount of work.
Don’t get caught up in the hype of just put a facebook ad up and make millions. That’s not going to happen. And you will lose more than you make back.

But that does not mean you can’t buy traffic. It just means don’t put all your time and energy into just one source.

Blogging, youtube, twitter, facebook profile, snapchat, podcast, and yes still SEO.

Pick one of these and start to go to work.

Once you get some decent amount of traffic. Then offer your affiliate marketing links about 20% of the time.

If people like your content you give out, then they will be more likely to go buy your affiliate marketing offers.

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