How To Make Money On Facebook Pages

Last time I checked Facebook was over 2 billion active users on the platform.

That is huge and crazy good for us marketers who want to learn how to make money on Facebook pages.

But how is it possible?

How to make money on Facebook pages without any prior experience?

How To Make Money On Facebook Pages

Well before I give you the simple plan, let’s back up and talk about the Facebook page itself.

Now you might have a personal business page that you might be super excited about, but can you sell anything on there to a hungry crowd?

Sure maybe your family and friends, or even the people who liked your page.

But are they hungry enough to buy what you offer?

My guess would be no. And not that you are not amazing.

It’s just you limit yourself to a small group and it’s hard to scale that and make some money in the process.

So why not create a whole new fan page that targets hungry crowds?

I mean, something like the fitness or weight loss niche. Maybe the dating niche.

Both of these crowds are huge and are hungry to buy what you offer.

When you get this right, how to make money on Facebook pages become so much easier.

Let’s take the fitness niche. Some crazy number like 40 billion is spent each year on weight loss products alone.

So that should be the Facebook page you want to set up.

From your personal Facebook page, you will see a triangle in the upper right corner. When you click him a menu drops down. Click on “create page” from the drop down.

Now just go through the steps to setup your new fitness page.

Once that is complete then your new step is upload daily content to your new page.

If you’re unsure what to post I suggest you google fitness photos and upload them. Add in some text such as fitness workouts or diet plans. And toss in some workout videos to make your new page start attracting the right people.

But you’re asking, how to make money on Facebook pages. And the answer is simple.

Go to and find a good fitness offer. Then for every 5 posts on your page, post a little testimonial about the product you want to promote and give your affiliate link at the bottom.

When your page grows with likes and followers, you will get more and more clicks on your affiliate link. Then you will start to make money with your page.

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