How To Make Money Online With Clickbank {Upto $3,00 A day}


If you are someone who is interested in how to make money online and want to do it without spending money on advertising.

Well, I gotta covered!

But before so you understand, spending money will speed up your success, and the way I am going to show you here requires work.

If you don’t mind spending a few minutes a day working on a few basic stuff, then continue on.

First off we need something to promote. An offer that pays. And an offer that converts well.

Clickbank marketplace is the best place to find high converting offers.

Step One Find A High Gravity Score Offer

Start off by going into the marketplace and clicking on the category you want to promote.

Let me help you here, the best categories are always going to be Health, Wealth, and Relationships.

Stick with those 3 and you will be good.

Let’s take example Health & Fitness category. Inside you will find offers that really do pay out great.

Once inside you will see a list, sort this list by gravity. The higher the gravity score the better the offer will be to convert into sales.

Pick one in the top 3 you like. Click on the Promote link and get your affiliate link that is unique to your account.

Your unique link is how you get paid. So make sure you copy and paste it someplace on your computer for easy reference.

Step Two Set Up A Free WordPress Blog

I could spend the next time telling you how to setup a blog, but there are millions of videos and articles on how to do this.

It’s the most basic of things. All you need is a hosting account and they will install it for you. Or you can click on the install button yourself.

Just do a youtube search for how to setup a WordPress blog inside Hostgator.

Again there are a ton of great hosting account, but I recommend using Hostgator. They have been around a long time and never fail to not host your website.

You will also need a domain name. Pick something simple that will talk about benefits for the niche offer you are promoting.

Something like that will work. is the best place to get a domain name. And for only $10 per year, it’s a steal.

Step Three Daily Content Creation

With your new blog setup and ready to go. It’s time to start creating content to attract the search engines, and people to your new blog.

Daily content is a must. Oh, you heard me right. Daily.

I told you this requires work. The more work you put in Daily, the more money online you will make.

It’s that simple, it has worked for years, and it will continue to work.

As you create your daily content you want to hyperlink your affiliate link inside the content.

Maybe 2-3 times.

So if your blog post is about how to lose weight fast without going to the gym, then inside would be your Clickbank affiliate link to the weight loss offer.

Your blog and content need to be all about ONE niche, don’t have a post about weight loss one day and make money online the next.

That will never work. Your whole blog needs to be around one niche, and really around one offer.

You can make a ton of money online just by promoting ONE offer. And to do that you’re going to need to create fresh daily content around that one offer.

Every niche you promote has a ton of sub-niches that you can create content around.

So if you offer is weight loss, you can write content about Paleo Diet, South Beach Diet, Crossfit, How to get Abs, and a lot more.

Never is a day to go by without you creating some kind of content that will attract people to your blog. Sure it’s going to be slow at the start, and it may be really slow for the first year.

But once you put in the effort once the content lives on the internet forever. Always bringing in new website traffic and new sales.

And that is how you can make upto $3,000 per day with Clickbank offers.

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