How to Make a Website for FREE and Make Money Online


You’re new to the internet and want to get a website up and start making money online with it, right?

Or maybe you have been online for many years and just want to get going with your first website that will give you the making money online success you are searching for.

Well, I’m going to give you the details here.

I set up my first website in 1997 and have built over 10,000 other websites for myself and for clients. So I know what works and what does not work.

So before you continue I must give you this warning.

The strategy I’m about to walk you through should only be a way to get started, to get your feet wet. Allow you to learn how to get a website up and running.

It should not be a long-term strategy.

Ok, let’s get into it.

Head over to, click get started, and then click on “start with a blog”.

Next, you could choose a theme, or just skip it.

After that, you want to pick a name.

The niche I am going to show you how to make money with is the fitness niche. So pick a name that will reflect that niche.


Something like that will work.

Once that is complete then verify your email address and login to your account.

Congratulations you just made your first FREE website.

Your daily job now is to create content daily and post it as a blog post.

There are many other things you can do with your new site. Like change the theme, or change the title. Most of that you can play with yourself.

Just click on stuff, and don’t be afraid to play around with things.

You won’t break it.

But don’t spend too much time on stuff that does not matter. Your main focus is creating content for your new site.

Now let’s talk about making money online with your new FREE website.

On the right-hand side will be a “Text Widget” click on that and a menu option will open up to the left.

Inside here we will want to paste in some code that will show a banner and your affiliate link code.

If you go to and the marketplace look for an offer called “Lean Belly Breakthrough”. Then you will see a link to the affiliate page. You’re going to have to cut and paste this link into the browser to get it.  Or just click on the link below

Read the “How To Get Started” section on top. This will walk you through getting your Clickbank ID working with their banner.

Once you do that then you will want to cut and paste the banner size that is “250×250”

This will be the code you put into the text widget option inside your FREE website.

Save it and it’s now on your website reading to start making money online.

How cool is that?

You’re now an online marketer making money online.

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