Million Dollar Marketing Tools Everyone Must Have For Success Online

Did you recently hear from some so called guru that you dont need any tools and just push this button and you can make a million dollars in 2 weeks?

Stop listening to that. Because there are a few tools you must have for success online.

There is just no way around it.

But no worries, I will keep it simple and cheap.

When it comes to online success tools you only need 2.

One is a hosting account that you can put wordpress on to add plugins.

And Second is to get an autoresponder account to collect emails.

If you dont have both to them, then you chances us success are very slim.

Lets start with hosting. You can get a hosting account at either or

Both are super cheap and will have a one button wordpress install in the account area.

One you have the hosting up its time to get a plugin that will collect emails. or are going to be the 2 I recommend.

I use both, and they both work great.

Next is to get an autopronder to connect with your optimizepress. and are 2 of the ones I use the most.

Ok so if you want to make it simple, just use

Its what I use and you dont have to worry about setting up anything.

Push a few buttons and your online system is setup.

Those are your Million Dollar marketing tools.

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