MMM Dubai Review, Is MMM Dubai Scam Or Legit Business?

MMM Dubai

Is MMM Dubai Scam Or Legit Business? MMM Dubai Review, Get The Facts Here Let’s Take A Look

Hi there, and welcome to my MMM Dubai Review!

I can see a lot of buzz right now with this company on many of the social media channels, so I wanted to see what exactly is going on.

Many say its on the big scam, and others say its one of the best opportunities around.   I wanted to cut through all they hype and get some real facts.

What I want to do is walk you through the company details, products, and compensation plan to help you make a sound investment decision.

There is a lot of buzz right now with this company on social media and all over the internet, so I decided to see what is going one with this company.

See if, in fact, this is a big scam or legit business opportunity.

MMM Dubai Review – The Company Details

The domain was registered in October of 2016 with no information on who owns it because its set to private.

The website did give a link to a company certificate, but that certificate is clearly photoshopped.  And not a very good photoshop for that.

I mean to start off this so-called certificate of authorization is amateur hour, and someone is trying to pull of a forged document to make them look legit.

And no other information is available about who runs this company.

Whenever I see a company that is not open about who runs or operates it, I always think real hard.  “Do I want to put my money into this?”  The same should be for you also. 

MMM Dubai Review – The Company Products

MMM Dubai does not have a single product you can retail for profits.  All there is a membership one can promote to gain newly recruited members.

MMM Dubai Review – The Company Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is someone new will invest bitcoin in the hopes of getting an ROI.  The plans look like this
  • Student Package – invest $10 to $500 and receive a 120% ROI in 7 days
  • Executive Package – invest $100 to $10,000 and receive a 120% ROI in 30 days
  • Workers Package – invest $50 to $5000 and receive a 150% ROI in 15 days

Referral commissions are paid out across unilevel team levels as follows:

3% on levels 1 to 20
2% on levels 21 to 50
1% on levels 51 to 100
0.5% on levels 101 to 200 and
0.25% from level 201 onward

MMM Dubai affiliates qualify for the Marketing Bonus by

investing at least $500
recruiting at least fifteen affiliates who together have active investments of at least $3000 and
record a 90-second promotional video for MMM Dubai

What does it cost to get started MMM Dubai?

You have the option to get started with one of 3 packages
Student Package – $10 to $500
Executive Package – $100 to $10,000
Workers Package – $50 to $5000

MMM Dubai Reviews – My Final Thoughts on MMM Dubai

The website claims that its setup to be a peer to peer fundraising platform.  But without any proof of how the investments are carried out, then it’s just another website that claims to do something just to get new people to signup and register.

The only investment is the new money coming in to pay off old affiliates.

If the money continues to come in then it could last 6 months.  But what really will happen is after the first couple months of excitement the NEW will not be there anymore.  No new money and affliates will be coming in, and the admin will be forced to shut down the website.

Then all invested funds will be lost, and you will have to start over.

Are you tired of starting over and want to finally make some real, long-lasting income?

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