[NEW] How Get More FREE Organic Traffic Without Any Competition

Free organic traffic from places like google, youtube, and bing is the peak of your success online.

Sure you can buy traffic and build your business even faster. But only a very small, and I mean small % of people know how to really make paid traffic work.

So that leaves everyone else to figure out how to get organic traffic to their affiliate offers.

free organic traffic

When you get free organic traffic from let’s say google. It’s a way to guarantee you have success online. Because, well it’s free organic traffic.

If you have an affiliate offer and you want to get traffic to them. Then I will suggest these strategies to help you get the free organic traffic you are looking for.

To make organic traffic work you have to create content for google to index in the search results. Google will not rank your affiliate link. Google will only rank content you create.

And the content you create will be indexed based on a particular keyword that content is based around. So before you get started you need to find a keyword to create content around.

Now before you go saying, oh I have heard this before.

I’m not going to tell you to search for the typical keywords, or long tail keywords with low competition. No, no,

You want traffic to your blog or youtube channel for one thing. And that is to build your email list. If you focus all your attention on just a product, or opportunity, your missing the whole point.

My blog here is centered around a lot of different topics. But it all leads into my list that I can then email out different offers.

Ok here is what you want to do. Jump on keywords before they become popular. If your niche is mlm or network marketing. Find opportunities that are just starting. Then create a review around that opportunity.

When you do this, you’re going to be the first one to have that content on the internet. So you will own that keyword until others figure it out. But by that time you will be on to the next review.

If your business is affiliate marketing you can do reviews on products that will be launching soon.
A great place to find launches about to come out is muncheye.com. This is the calendar of launches coming out.

Now you might think why would I do reviews on companies or products that I really don’t care about.

For ONE Thing. To get MORE FREE Organic Traffic.

When someone searches for a company and you have the title “Company Review” if you jump on it early enough. You will be the first listing to come up on google.

Someone will click on your link, read your review and you then can say “click here for my #1 recommendation”

This is how you get more free organic traffic by jumping on keywords before they happen. Most people are doing everything they can to find long tail keywords, or hot keywords to rank for.

And I say that is way too much work. Just find opportunities and product launches that just came out, or will be coming out in the future.

With this strategy you have no competition.

Cool huh?

Now get going on creating you’re content.

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