NEW: How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Without A Website


For anyone new to the internet and wants to make money, affiliate marketing without a website is the most simple way to do it.

With social media, youtube and search engines. There is no shortage of places to get your affiliate link in front of the right people.

And that right there, is the key to it all to make money online.

Getting the right affiliate marketing offer in front of the right people.

If someone is struggling to lose weight and is going to the internet in search of a solution. Naturally you want to be there and point them in the right direction. Your weight loss affiliate marketing link will be the answer they are looking for.

You have the perfect offer for the perfect person.

So when someone does click on your affiliate link, you get a percentage of the sale. Usually it’s about 75% +. Just imagine you’re making $35 on average per sale. How many do you think of those do you need to make to start bringing some decent money online?

With the right traffic you can make affiliate marketing without a website work in your favor over and over.

Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

All of my blog post I give you my own personal experience with affiliate marketing. I only give you stuff that is working for me now.

What is working now?

Youtube niche videos with my affiliate link in the description.

Affiliate marketing without a website is using what is out on the internet today. Youtube and google are the biggest places that people are searching for stuff.

Forget social media, you want to be in front of the places that people are actively looking for solutions. Then you just show them the solution.

No one is looking for solutions on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, or Pinterest. They are searching on google and youtube.

Now google is a hard nut to crack. To get in the top 5 places for a keyword can become a challenge. But with youtube, it’s still wide open.

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing without a website all you have to do is pick an offer in a super competitive hot niche.

Fitness, health, weight loss, fat loss, six pack abs, crossfit, and even nutrition are all HOT niches.

Pick one and start making videos about the topic. Then find an offer to match.

Use a place like or to find something you can promote.

Create powerpoint slides on how to do stuff. Use Screenflow, or Camtasia to capture your computer screen while you talk over your slides.

Upload the video with keywords to attract people. Then tell your viewers to click the link in the description.

That’s it, just repeat it over and over everyday. Eventually you will start to get some Big traffic.

And that is how you make money online with affiliate marketing without a website.

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