No Clients, Calendar Is Empty? This One Thing is Holding You Back

There is nothing more frustrating then not having strategy sessions or discovery calls booked on your calendar with awesome people who WANT to work with you in your highest coaching/consulting program.

I’ve been there…

It’s like the hotel vacancy analogy –>

If a hotel has 100 rooms and charges $1k per night per room – they should be making about $100k per night.

But if they only have 10 rooms booked they are only going to make $10k even though they have the capacity for $100k.

So every night that they have 90 rooms NOT BOOKED it is costing them $90k a night.

Same thing with your coaching business…

If you have the capacity to make $20k a month with your business as it is and your only making $2k a month – it’s costing you $18k A MONTH to stay where you are.

That’s a very real number and you MUST figure out what that number is for you.

Because if you have the capacity to make $20k within your business and your only making $2k then over the next 12mths it’s going to cost you $216k in sales that should be in your bank account for you and your family.

Not to mention – it represents all the changed lives you can see with your coaching.

So by NOT hitting these goals or being on pace to hit these goals – it is a very big issue…

And the reason you are not hitting them or making progress towards them is because of one thing…

Your SYSTEM is broken.

You have to realize -> More traffic and more tools are not going to fix your business if your system is not working.

If you are making $2k a month then what that means is you have a $2k per month system!

How do I know that?

Cause I had a $5k per month system that I overloaded and tried to make $15k a month with it for YEARS…

And I did…

But virtually none of it was profit and I worked like a crazy person and was attracting crazy people.

My system was a magnet for poverty, lack, dysfunctional people & a one way ticket for me having a heart attack by 40.

And that is the issue you are probably having with your coaching business right now.

If you are confused about what you need to do next, WHY what you are doing IS NOT working & why you can’t get the results you want –>

The answer is NOT to do more stuff, get more traffic & pile on more tools.

The reason you keep thinking that is because you can’t see the system.

It’s behind the scenes and it is working FOR YOU or AGAINST YOU.

The bad news is – you can’t just keep doing MORE of what is not working and think that eventually you are going to have a bunch of big ticket clients reaching out to you.

That will depress you, make you really mad and you’ll end up sabotaging your business.

(I know – I did it many times!)

More traffic, more tools, more work, more self directed training & more positive thinking is NOT going to fix this.

I had read over 2000 books on business, success & investing…

I was still broke.

There is a simple system that works like crazy for getting strategy sessions with high value clients willing to invest with you in your highest programs.

It’s simple, fast to implement and works like crazy. I’ve had a number of clients break through five figure months even before they turned on their Facebook Ads traffic.

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