On A Roller Coaster and Stressed Out With NO Clients

It gets really frustrating when you work like crazy to get some clients and then realize that you have NO ONE left who is reaching out to you for help.

You end up with a good month then the next month it is a total disaster cause you were spending all your time with your clients…

Then you shake off your drop of doom month where your income fell through the floor and try and hunt for some more clients.

And the cycle continues month after month after month…

It becomes VERY STRESSFUL on yourself, your finances and your family.

Because it feels like you end up trapping yourself.

You work hard to get some clients BUT as soon as you get them now you are spending your time helping them.

And the drop of doom start…

In the back of your mind you are thinking “I have ZERO people who are reaching out to me and my income is going to dry up!”

What A LOT of coaches end up doing is simply trying to drive MORE TRAFFIC in order to get more clients.

In theory – that sounds great.

But in reality – it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

I tried that too.

Just about drove myself out of business and maxed out every card that I could get my hands on.

I believed the lie that a lot of people believe…

“I just need MORE prospects so I can get more clients and make more money.”

$55k worth of debt later I figured out that getting more traffic was just making my disaster worse.

Getting more traffic sounds great! And it feels like progress when you first start out.

But it ends up really bad in a lot of ways.

Because if you fail to get more clients AFTER ramping up your traffic – there is no hope.

But there is hope…

I figured out how to build a high six figure a year coaching business (soon to be seven figure) WITHOUT a lot of traffic and frustration…

In fact, I have LESS moving parts in my business, less overwhelm, less stress NOW verses when I was making $15k per month going down in flames.


If you are stressed out from the lack of clients coming your way which is creating a massive drop of doom income roller coaster – it can be fixed.

There is a simple 3 step missing formula that you are not using which is causing you all these problems (which will get worse)


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