One Trick To Make Sure Social Media Marketing Works

Social media has become this giant hangout spot and for many marketers this is a dream come true.

The old days of tossing up an add on a billboard on the side of the road are long gone.

They don’t work.

But social media marketing the right way can drive more traffic and sales then you can handle.

Done right was the keyword there, did you get that?

Anyways, here is what I look for when I create any type of social media marketing campaign.

And better yet the one question I asks.

Can I drive people off the social platform onto my list with just one click?

Yes for youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram, tubler,

But NO for snapchat.

Now this post is not a bash to snapchat.  There are millions on there, and building your brand can work there.

Im just trying to get you to focus on a platform that allows people to click on link to get onto your list.

The goal with social media marketing is get people of the social site and onto your list.

So that is why I recommend people to only stick with youtube and facebook.

These 2 will give you the most traffic to your value funnel.

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