How To Record Your Computer Screen FREE (Mac & PC)


The single biggest reason I have been able to make money online with affiliate marketing is the ability to record my computer screen and make videos from them.

I make how-to videos about all kinds of products.

And the videos last forever on youtube driving FREE traffic daily.

So my guess is you are also trying to make money online and want to start making videos. But you may be fearful of showing your face.

Well, I have the solution for you.

Record Your Computer Screen

Record your screen showing how to do things, or other cool stuff to help others succeed online.

When you do this… You make money online fast!

Right now there are 2 big players when it comes to screen recording software. For the PC users, there is Camtasia ($200). And for the MAC users, your only option is Screenflow ($99)

Both are GREAT programs, in fact, I do all my screen captures with Screenflow.

I love it.

Yet you are here not to pay for these programs, but to find out how to record your computer screen for free.scre

But let me first just give you a quick rundown on why you would even want to record your computer screen.

The first is going to be “how to videos”. These are the best for anyone at all levels of online marketing. You can record your screen showing someone, how to do something. How to install a WordPress plugin. How to install WordPress. How to set up a Facebook ad.

The list can go on and on. That is why I love, how to videos.

The next is Presentation style videos. When you get good at using Keynote, or powerpoint slides. You can then screen record your computer as you go through your slides.

This way you can present information and keep it flowing until the end. Your end could be a call to action to get more information.

And the last of the ways you want to record your computer screen is for product reviews. If you purchased an online product or even a physical product. You can give proof you used it, and then talk about your results.

This works great with affiliate offers. When your done with your product review, send the user off to your affiliate link and start to make money online.

Cool huh?

Ok, let’s get into how to record your computer screen for FREE. This works for both Mac and PC. All you need is the Chrome browser. It’s free just download it from google.

Next, you want to search on google for “screencastify chrome extension” It will come in the search results. Then just add it to your Chrome browser.

Once installed you will see a movie film looking icon in the upper right corner of your browser.

Record Your Computer Screen

So when you’re ready to record your screen just click on the icon. Set your desktop, install the microphone you want to use and hit “Record Desktop”, record for FREE, then hit the stop sharing.

Record Your Computer Screen

Congratulations, you just created your first screen share video.

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