SEO & Search Engine Marketing How To Optimize Your Content To Make Money Online

I want to give you a tool that will help you increase your chances of getting to the top page of Google and become an SEO & Search Engine Marketing wizard.

Wait, you ask “Why would I want to be on the top page of Google”

The other day my wife needed to find a nail salon near the hotel we were staying at on our vacation.

What did she do?

Went to google, typed in the area code, and then nail salon.

The ones that came up on page one she clicked on and found a local nail salon in the area.

She knows the difference between the ads and the organic search results.

But it proved my point exactly.

If you can rank for a keyword like “nail saloon” on page one. You will get a whole crap load of traffic.

SEO & Search Engine Marketing

SEO & Search Engine Marketing

SEO and Search Engine Marketing is creating content to rank on page one.

Once you do that, your set!

An example is an article I am writing now. I am trying to get some traffic for the keyword Search Engine Marketing.

Searching engines are nothing but a large computer that spiders the internet and indexes what it sees.

So when someone uses the search engine, and types in a keyword, Google wants to have the most relevant searches come to the top.

You want to do the same.

And the best way is to first use and a plugin called “Yoast SEO”.

It’s free and is the best SEO and Search Engine Marketing tool you will find today.

Once you create your content, and it’s time to post it on your WordPress page, Yoast will tell you how to improve your SEO and Search Engine Marketing.

There are 10 or so questions and when you have all of them with a green dot. You then know you have a good piece of content.

Now, this is not going to guarantee you get to number page one on Google. But it’s going to give you the best chance of getting close.

And who knows, if you write enough content, and find good keywords, you can have a blog post that brings in leads and sales every day.

Or you can have 10 or so amazing keywords ranked in Google all producing a total traffic volume to give you the leads and make money online success you want.

Now it’s time to get the plugin, find a keyword from the Google keyword tool and upload your content to your website. All the while giving Google exactly what they want.

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