Episode13 – Should I buy links?

I’m Mr Google and I go out and search for links on other websites. When I find a link I add it to my database.

When I first started my database of links I would rank websites based on the amount of links pointing back.

If one website had 10 links pointed to there website I would rank them higher than a website with only 7 links pointed at them.

But then savvy marketers came around and started to buy up links to there website and my database got all out of whack.

Not to worry, my trusted google programmers just changed things around, and walla, balance has been restored. The savvy marketers are no longer able to manipulate the database.

So to answer your question. NO, you should no buy backlinks to help rank your website higher in the search engine. Mr. Google is way smarter than you, and the more you try and figure him out. The more he will drop your pages to the back of the line.

Good content will always attract quality backlinks.

Provide Value and You will Get Higher Rankings.

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