Episode31 – Should I create my own products or promote as an affiliate?

When you create your own products you are in complete control. Control of how much you can make and control of the buyers list you build.

But if you are first getting started then you should promote other products as an affiliate. Create your own product can be down right nasty hard.

I have created over 50 products in the past 12 months and you know what?

The first 25 products sucked, and I barely got any sales. Then on #26 I found the right combination and walla 376 sales.

How could I get 376 sales on one product? Because I failed 25 times and figured out what not to do.

You may take less time than me to figure it out. But if you stick with it, never quit, then you will be great at creating your own products.

As you get started online, promote other products. Collect a percentage on the sale. This is the best route to take, because you start to understand about finding good traffic sources. Then you become an expert at traffic, and promoting affiliate offers.

You’re then ready to start creating your own products.

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