Episode36 – Should I get good at marketing or pick the right market?

Picking the right market it simple. It’s converting that market into sales is the challenge.

A good market is one that people have a strong desire to find a solution to a huge problem.

Example is weight loss. People spend Billions, yes with a “B” each year looking for solutions to help them lose weight. So that is an example of a market and its huge.

Once you find the big market like weight loss then the next step is to convert the people into sales or either a product or service.

And becoming good at Marketing will help you way more than picking the right market.

If you are good at Marketing then you can go into any market and dominate. Now not all markets are worth jumping into, but any good marketer can make money with that skill.

Marketing is a way more important skill to learn then the right market. Become good at converting traffic and you will never have to worry about making money online again.

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