A Simple Backlinks SEO Strategy For Beginners


A backlinks SEO strategy that not many are talking about. Actually, it’s a hidden gem I found a few months ago that is working great.

But first you might even ask, what the heck are backlinks and why do I need them in my marketing?

Since the first day that Google started to index the internet they use one indicator to determine how to rank your website for a particular keyword.

That is the quality and amount of links that are directed to your website.

Google figures that if there are a lot of links pointing to your website, then it must be an authority website so they rank that page super high in the search results.

Ever since marketers started to understand how Google was indexing website, marketers have been trying to figure out the best backlinks SEO strategy to get more free traffic.

It’s been this big cat and mouse type relationship with Google.

Backlinks SEO strategy

They are changing the algorithms every day and so it becomes hard and hard to have a good backlinks SEO strategy that works.

But in today’s internet world it’s not about backlinks from high authority blogs. Now we have social media and the backlinks SEO strategy is now an authority on different social accounts.

The backlinks SEO strategy is called social signals.

And it’s the hottest thing going right now. Not many people even know about it, and now are you are going to be educated on it.

Social signals are backlinks from, well, social sites. Makes sense right? I mean social media is where all the traffic it now. So Google is using these backlinks as a priority.

But how do you get social signals?

Let the experts do it for you.

Go to a website called seoclerks.com

Here you will find providers who will get you social signals. I use this site for every piece of content I create online.

When I create a blog post or a new video, the first thing I do is get social signals from seoclerks.

This is what I recommend, buy a social signal for no more than $1. Yes, providers will send you social signals fro $1.

If have found you get the same backlinks SEO strategy with $1 providers as you do with $5 providers. They are both the same in quality.

And that is how you get high-quality backlinks to your website or videos.

Do this every time and Google will start to take notice

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