Sneaky little Facebook hack to get more leads

If you are a new business or just starting out the first thing you want to focus on is building up a list of potential customers.

This is different than having friends on your facebook account.

Im talking about an email list you control and can do what you want with.

Facebook is great, but you have to get people off facebook and on your email marketing list.

There is way to much happing on facebook that will distract people from your core message.

Here is a little trick to getting leads from your personal and fanpages.

On top of your news feed is an image. That image can be clicked on and opened with a description of what the photo is about.

That description is the place you want to put in your lead magnet headline, and link to your opt in page.

Also the image you put in the header needs to have a strong call to action.

Use to create a FB header, and insert a “Click Here” button.

This will get your FB friends to click the image and open it up. They can then click on your lead magnet link.

And that is the sneaky little Facebook marketing lead generation trick.

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