STOP Wasting Money With Facebook Ads

Ok so you just spent $100 on facebook ads and got nothing!

Or maybe you got a little, 10 clicks, but no conversions.

And now your mad and start blaming facebook and paid traffic.

Your frustrated, and want to punch the computer.

Its OK, Its Normal.

Here is how to get out of that funk.

Grab the pixel code from your facebook business account.

Get the plugin for wordpress “Tracking Code Manger”

Install it and then place your pixel code inside.

Now facebook will start to create an audience from your traffic.

Before when you got crushed, its because you targeted the wrong stuff, or people who were not interested in your stuff.

But when you create an audience from your own traffic.

Well now you can get crazy good conversions of highly targeted people.

Your ads you run to your own audience will give you the most return on your money.

Give that a try and see if you cant turn your paid advertising luck.

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