Strike7 Review, Is Strike7 A Scam or Legit Business?

Strike7 Review

Hi and welcome to my Strike7 Review!

Right now I see alot of hype and buzz on facebook and twitter, so I decided to see what was going on with this company.

Some say its a great opportunity and others say its one big scam and I want to get to the real details.

Im going to spend this time to give you the details on the company, products, and compensation plan.

Then let you make an informed decision on if is a scam or legit biz.

Strike7 Review – The Company Details.

No information is given on who runs the company, but I see from the About Us page that most of the text is taken from other websites.

They claim to “been providing financial services since 1996” with a UK incorporation number for “Spider Coin Limited” is provided.

Im not sure what Spider Coin has to do with Strike7.

When I looked at the UK incorp number I see that its not for SpiderCoin but belongs to Profit-I-Need Limited.

Profit-I-Need limited was registered back in Oct. of 2017

The address used to incorporate belongs to a Coffee Shop in Manchester that looks like has nothing to do with Strike7, SpiderCoin, or Profit-I-Need

Todd Russell is listed as the sole Director of Proifit-I-Need.   Which my guess is fake and has nothing to do with Strike7 or Spidercoin

The website “” was registered on November 11th 2017

As always, if the company does not come out with solid evidence of being transparent, ask yourself if you want to invest in something like this.

Strike7 Review – The Products

The company has no retail products, only a membership that affiliates can promote.

Strike7 Review – The Compensation Plan

A Strike7 affliates invest $20 – $10,000 in bitcoin with the hope of getting 7% daily ROI for 40 days.

Referral commsions are available on funds invested tot he downline affiliates.

8% on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates)
5% on level 2 and
3% on level 3

Strike7 Review – Getting Started

The Strike7 membership is free.

But the full participation in the Strike7 income has a $10 minimum investment.

Strike7 Review My Conclusion

The admins claim the 7% daily is from “investment professionals in a advanced computer technology and engineering”

And this fail the ponzi lending test.

Why would anyone who could get 7% daily start a website and ask people to send them money.

Just get a bank loan and you could be stinking rich in a few months.

But this is what will happen.

Since this website needs new money and referrals to keep growing.  That will end soon.  And when new money and people stop coming in.

That is  when the party is over.  The admins will run leaving good people like you left with nothing.

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