Tell your mind to go F&$! itself, you got this

Your mind is a nice little helper at times.

And crazy person at other times.

Your mind is there to help you. But sometimes you just need to tell it go F#*% itself.

Excuse my french for you english speaking folks.

My mind is working and talking to me all day long.

At first I use to listen to it.

You know things like, “why are you doing this, you dont have the experience”

“go to the beach, you dont need to create that piece of content for business”

or my favorite

“why are you getting in front of the camera, you sound and look like shit”

Its funny how your mind is there to help, but it can be your worse enemy.

So here is what you can do to tame the beast.

First off just say “thanks, I got this”

Its the simplest thing, and your mind will understand and go away.

If you are building a business online, then its super important you learn to keep your mind in check.

Without telling your mind “thanks, I got this” you will find yourself struggling to get your business of the ground.

Also your mind loves to bring up all the negative crap going on in your life.

And when that happens your best response is “Im a money magnet” “I create wealth in my life” or any other positive quote.

Because without taking the positive you can go down the rabbit hole of negative crap.

So tell you mind to take a seat, you got this.

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