The $100k Niche Profit Formula

If you are trying to make the next  big thing online please stop.

Ya know, you have this amazing idea to become the next facebook, or twitter, and maybe even then next youtube.

Just stop, I know, I tried for years to do just that.

And what did it get me?


So what did I do to start earning the income I wanted?

Model what others are doing online and create something similar.

“But wait Tyler” you just said don’t chase the big idea.

No, I’m talking about using real data on real products that people sell.

Ok, Ok, just head over to,  and click on the affiliate marketplace.

On the left pick a category that interests you.

Once you find it, sort the products not by popularity, but sort by gravity score.

Now look at the top 3 in the list.

Find one you like, then dissect what they are doing.  Then do the same.

Remember 8 minute abs?  It was a huge success.

But then came 7 minute abs.  And guess what?  That was also a huge success.

Just come up with a similar idea to an already popular product.

Do that and you will start to make the big time money!

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