The Road To More Clients In Your Business Is About To Get Rocky

Ever feel like it is getting harder and harder to get high ticket coaching clients?

You feel like you have done everything possible and it is still really hard to get clients?

Well – the bad news is – it is going to start to get A LOT harder if you don’t fix this..

There is a really big problem that is happening online right now in the coaching/consulting space that is causing a lot of coaches to live in LACK and not be able to get the amount of clients they want.

It ends up affecting your family, health, stress levels and your business…

Cause if you are not on track to get the amount of clients you want there is big trouble ahead.

The BIG STORM That is threatening your very survival as a coach:

Let me share with you a story…

Back in 2003 when I started my business and needed clients I cold called them…


Then I go so depressed from doing it – I hired 2 guys to do it for me.

And it was a total disaster.

Then I figured out that I could get clients online IF I just cracked the code on using Pay Per Click ads…

And I did & it worked.

Virtually NO ONE was using Google Adwords, Overture, exc at the time.

And if you could figure it out then you were going to get clients.

It was as simple as that.

The first business in the niche to figure out how to get your ads to work was going to get clients.


Guess what?

That is not the case anymore.

Now, you can give your Iphone to a 15 year old, tell him to find some videos on YouTube about setting up Facebook Ads and in under an hr – your getting traffic.


And THAT my friend is the problem.

In fact it is destroying your coaching business as we speak.

Eroding it faster than you can even react to it.


The barrier to entry is GONE!

Probably forever…

ANYONE can setup an ad account on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Adwords, LinkedIn, Yahoo & the other ones.

Free training videos are all over the internet.

These companies employ thousands of people between all of them with the goal of making it VERY EASY for you to give them money in exchange for traffic.

And at this very moment of reading this email – you probably got 5 or more competitors in your niche who just setup an ad account.

It’s like the housing bubble that will never end…

More and more competition is showing up and it is drowning out YOUR UNIQUENESS and you can’t cut through the noise.

Stuck in the sea of sameness…

And it is only getting worse!

Why would someone want to work with you when they can pick from 46 other coaches who are all cheaper and give way more stuff?

The technology is getting easier all the time to get online and get traffic.

So my question for you is – If you are struggling to get clients NOW – what are you going to do in 6 months or a year from now when it is potentially 5 TIMES worse?

And you got another 50 competitors running ads in your market and a few who maybe even RIPPED OFF your ad?

Virtually every coaching market is saturated & almost every traffic source is full of people doing what YOU are doing.


There is a way to fix this…

I just talked with 3 coaching clients.

One grew her coaching business from $280 a month to now $15k a month. It’d probably be more but she’s 8 months pregnant. And she’s in a HYPER competitive business market.

Another one is in a life coaching niche and is doing between $15 to $20k per month and we haven’t even turned on her ads.

Another one is on the verge of cracking $50k a month in the next couple months and probably get a 7X to 10X ROI on their ad spend in a HYPER competitive market.

And I got a webinar running on paid traffic right now that will cross the 1,000 strategy session application mark later this week.

ONE automated webinar in ONE HYPER competitive market = 1,000 strategy session applications.

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