Top 3 Free Website Traffic Sources – NO INVESTMENT NEEDED!

When you start out on the internet, or if you have a business and want to get on the internet to sell your products.

You Have To Have Website Traffic

If you have the winning lottery numbers, and no one can see them, then no one will win.

I know that’s a silly example, but think about it.

If your product is so good, and it helps people solve a huge challenge in their life. And if you have no website traffic. Then how can you sell your products?

You can’t

And that is why website traffic is a must have for any online business.

Let me give you my top 3 website traffic sources without spending a dime.

The first is going to be youtube. Youtube is owned by Google and they promote the crap out of your videos. Both on the youtube search and google website.

That means your video can be outranked higher than big authority websites.

The key to making youtube work is finding hot keywords you can rank for. And the only way you will know this is to start making videos. After a few months, you will see what videos work and what videos don’t.

Once you see the videos that work, then create similar videos around that keyword subject.

Example Facebook marketing are always great videos when I create them. They get the majority of all the traffic to my websites.

The second way to get free website traffic without spending a dime is using Instagram. Facebook owns Instagram and they are promoting this photo sharing app super hard.

With Instagram, to make it work is posting daily photos and get people to engage with them. The more engagement you get, the more traffic you get to the video.

Your goal is to get a ton of followers and get them to click on your bio.

So how do you do that? By posting a photo and telling them “click here for my product”
Now you should know, that was a sample title, you can make up your own to fit your product.

But the point is to tell people to click the bio about every 6th or so photo you upload.

Then you can get some nice free website traffic from Instagram. The more followers you get the more free website traffic you get.

So get growing your account and don’t quit, it will grow over time.

The third way to get free website traffic without spending any money is using a blog and trying to get pages ranked in Google.

A blog post all starts with using the keyword tool from Google. Find out what keywords are low competition and then create a written article around the keyword.

Just like creating a video, and build an Instagram account, blogging takes time and must be done every day.

One blog post may only get 20 new visitors a day, but when you multiply compound a new article a day over 365 days. Well that little 20 visits multiplied by 365, adds up quickly.

So there you go, 3 free website traffic sources you don’t have to spend any money with.

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