How do I track affiliate marketing sales?

Tracking affiliate marketing sales is the one key that will separate you from all the other people who are trying to make some money with affiliate offers.

Think about this…

If you start buying up traffic from a few different places online. Or even just working on free traffic sources.

How are you going to know what is working?

Tracking sales and matching what traffic source is producing all the profits.

In all my years of marketing affiliate offers online, not every traffic source is going to work.

So it’s important to see what traffic is actually producing sales.

Yes, anyone can get traffic, but what’s the point if the traffic does not convert into sales.

No sales is not money, and wasted time, or even wasted money.

Let’s not let that happen.

Let’s figure out how to pull out the data.

affiliate marketing

Now if you have your own products you can use google analytics, or clickmagick to find out what is working. But that’s only because you can place a piece of code on your thankyou page.

When you promote affiliate offers you don’t have the option to place a code on the thankyou page.

What you do instead is use a keyword on the end of your unique affiliate marketing link.

Most of the networks will let you do this. And just about all will have a simple way to add in a keyword to the end.

It may look like this

What you put in the keyword spot is the real magic here.

If you have a blog with a top banner, a side widget, and a bottom banner. Your keywords could be like this.
keyword=bottom banner

Now you’re not limited to just your blog. If you run facebook ads. (I don’t recommend you do this to affiliate offers) your keyword could be… “ad1men30+newyork”

The targeting for you facebook would be Ad One Men Over the age of 30 who live in New York

If you put your link on a friends blog. Your keyword would be “blognametopbanner”

Just put whatever keyword you want, but make sure you understand it in your stats.

Now inside your affiliate marketing stats you can see what keyword are bringing in the money.

And see the keywords that are just sending traffic but no sales.

Conversions and sales is the only metric you should care about. Dump all the non performing links and keep the ones that are performing well.

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