Episode45 – What are good traffic sources on a budget?

I don’t really think you can put advertising and budget in the same sentence. Maybe the question is advertising with limited funds.

Trying to budget your advertising is like putting a limit on the amount of content you create each day. They just don’t go together.

So limited funds what are good traffic sources. Well if you are skilled a pay per click (facebook, google) then you can get clicks for as low as $.02.

But that takes time and a lot of money wasted learning that system. Or you could buy solo ads from other people and I feel that will be the best with limited funds.

You can buy clicks from someone else who will mail out to their email list.

This is a quick and easy way to build up your list. A solo ad can run between $35 – $45 per 100 clicks. With 100 clicks you will then look at about 40 new subscribers to your list.

Eventually you can get to the point that you take all your profits and keep reinvesting back into my traffic. This can be more solo ads or banner placements. But you will have to get used to buying traffic on a daily basis.

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