What If It DOES NOT Work?

Our minds like to play tricks on us when it comes to building our businesses and getting clients.

And sometimes those tricks can cost you A LOT of money if you believe them.

I get a lot of coaches reaching out to me who are getting clients locally, by referrals, free grunt work strategies and just leads that randomly showing up at their site.

They are NOT making the income they want and they ARE NOT getting the amount of clients they need in order to hit their income goals.

But you know what coaches will often say to me when I tell them they need to get this on Facebook Ads and start getting clients?

“But Tyler – What if it DOES NOT work?”

My question to you is this…

What if you stay where you are and get the same results or start to get WORSE results?

How much is that costing you in lost income every month?

If all you can think about is “what if it does not work if I try it”…

Your going to live in LACK, FEAR and never achieve your goals with your business. EVER.

I know.

I tried.

The result –> $`55k in debt, disastrous life, lost my hair from stress and a business that was failing.

If your goal is to add another $20k a month to your business and you KNOW you can’t do it the way you are doing it – then it is costing you $20k A MONTH right now.


Cause you should be making the extra $20k per month but your not because of FEAR.

See how this mind trick is working right now in your bank account?

Because you are worried about it NOT working – you are missing out on that extra $20k a month (or whatever the amount is).


The biggest price you will pay for your family, lifestyle and business is the cost of NOT doing something out of FEAR you won’t succeed.

Because you are already getting what you fear!!

So if you are ready to move out of that place of fear, stop missing out of the tens of thousands a month in income you should be seeing for your family – it’s time we FIX IT!

Your dream clients are in front of you on Facebook! Your competition is taking them right out from underneath you.

It’s time to take your power back and start getting the results you know you can get…

So if your ready to make this happen and are sick of missing out on that extra $5k, $10k or $50k A MONTH in income your business should be making – click the link below…

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