Episode17 – What is content marketing?

If you are just getting started online and you have a new product or are looking to promote an affiliate offer. Content marketing will be one of the best way to drive quality traffic.

So what is it then?

Creating videos and posting them on youtube is content marketing.

Writing a blog post just like this one is content marketing

Creating a podcast and uploading it to itunes is content marketing

Writing an article and uploading is to directories is content marketing.

Anything you create to help someone else online is considered content marketing. People have a problem or a need and you have a solution. Create the content to help solve that problem.

But there is one small problem that holds most marketers back.

Its being consistent. You have to be consistent daily on your content marketing for it to be effective. If you make a few pieces of content, upload them, and hope for the best. Well you will not see any success.

Daily content creation is a must for any online success plan.

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