Episode46 – What is the #1 reason people quit?

The whole internet marketing online has a funny way of cleansing itself. I mean every day new people come online and search google “How to make money online”

And everyday there are just about the same number of people who decided to quit. Why? Well mostly because they are looking for “push button riches”, and when they find out there is no button, then they quit.

But also is because many people have been stuck in this job world, and job mindset for so long that it’s hard to break out.

Online marketing is about creating value for others. There is no other way to success. And most people who quit, are just looking to make money for themselves and not others.

Are you looking to make more money? Do you want to buy that new car? Do you want to buy that new house?

Did you answer yes to all those questions?

If you did, then you are more likely to quit.

I’m just saying.

You will not start to see success until you shift your mindset to helping others succeed.

When that happens, then all the things you want in life you can have.

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