Episode30 – What is the best traffic source for generating sales?

For a long time I thought that the best traffic source was Google adwords. I mean I heard all kinds of stories of guys killing it with Google search traffic.

And then for a long time I figured it was Facebook Ads that was the best traffic. And again I heard stories of guys killing it with Facebook search ads.

So when I tried both of the traffic sources I would have a hard time pulling in profits. Sure I would spend a bunch of money, get traffic and be happy.

But there were no profits at the end of the day.

So it took me a long time to realize that the best traffic source comes from your own list. Yes the email list that I tell you to start building from day one.

This list is a group of people who know and trust you. They get to know you on a personal level, so naturally when you promote a product or service. Your list is ready to buy, buy, buy.

Sure you can use Google Adwords, and Facebok Ads. But only to help build your list.

Your list is a never ending process of adding more people. Because everyday new people will unsubscribe. And that is all you have to do on a daily basis to generate more sales.

Grow your list, build rapport with your list and then makes more sales.

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