Episode42 – What is the best way to organize your day?

So here is the deal. When you want to have a successful business, the only way that will work is if you are solving other people’s problems.

I know you want to make money, and make it quickly, but making money is giving value to others so they will give you back value in the form of dollars.

Your day should look like this. The first hour or two of your day has to be the time you create value for others. This can be a podcast, blog post, video, send out an email.

The mistake I see from many is they spend the first hour on the computer reading emails, or going to their facebook wall. Sure you can do these things. But only after you have created value for others.

Pick one thing you are going to do. And if I was choosing for you, I would tell you to focus on your daily email to your list. Since your list is the most important, and will make you the most money. It’s natural that you should spend your time there.

Get into the habit of creating one piece of content that solves a problem and creates value for someone else. When you get into this habit you will start to see some great results come your way online.

A few pieces of software I use to help me organize my day.

Evernote and not just the software, but I set it up using thesecretweapon.org website.
Calender5 on my iphone. This is the app that has my calendar and to do list.
Google calendar, everything is right there and I can get to it from my browser.

These are my main 3, there are some others that help me schedule, and support, but these are the main things I use to help organize the things I need to get done.

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