Episode58 – What is the order of things I need to learn online?

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Long are the days of saying that I can just outsource it.

If you are looking to create a business online then there are some things you have to learn. There is just no way around it.

So let me give you the 4 important things you have to learn. Oh and if you get stuck, then go search on youtube how to…

First off is getting a domain. Find a cool domain with your name it. Your name is going to be your branding and it’s so important to start off right.

If you can get your full name then use that, if your name is taken then add something to the front or back of the name.

Next up is hosting and wordpress. If you use a service like hostgator then you will have no problem setting up wordpress. Super easy, and there are a ton videos on youtube to watch.

Third up is autoresponders. It’s a must to start building a list. This list will be your customer base so treat them right. The autoresponder will connect with plugins on your website like instabuilder or optimizepress.

Again, use youtube if you get stuck on how to set these up.

And last but really should be first in importance is learning copy. Great copywriting skills will give you the license to print money over and over.

Your words will get people to take action, and that will generate income for you whenever you wish.

So there you go, 4 very important items you HAVE to learn online to be a success.

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