Episode56 – When should I start communicating with my new leads?

The real answer to that question is start communicating yesterday.

My guess is you are building a list online of quality people who are interested in your products or services. And that is great.

But you have to communicate with them. Daily!

Yes Daily. “But Tyler, why would I want to send that much email”

Because most people are getting 10 other emails from other marketers. So you need to keep your name in the front of that list.

Daily emails are fine, as long as you are creating real value. Pitching over and over will burn out your list very quickly.

And to much value will never get you to the point of making decent money. So there is the middle of the road that you just have to test and retest.

Treat your list as the #1 one thing you do online. Everything else is stuff you do on the side. Become a master of list building. Its what will keep you alive when life starts tossing crap at you.

You know what I mean, with a list you can have a live that is fun becaues the bills get paid.

So communicate with your list daily and start today. Value, Value, Value, Pitch, Value Value Value, Pitch… Etc…

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