Why do we do all this Content Marketing?

Lets look at what content marketing is when we talk about online marketing. I know your not supposed to use the same word twice.
But as a content marketer, you are allowed to do things differently

Blogging, youtube, twitter, pinterest, instagram, articles. These are all forms of content marketing.

And me as a training who helps people have success online sees alot of people just putting out content that looks like a fiction novel.

When you read a fiction novel your taking in by the story. And so many online spend way to much time telling there story. How they care about giving value, and how they are going to help everyone.

But thats just it, they spend way to much time on the fictional story that know one cares about and not on the right stuff.

So what is the right stuff? Showing people you are an expert in your field. And you do that buy showing or telling people exactly how you are an expert.

People want results, not a story. People have real problems and you as the expert are here to solve them.

And that brings me to why do all the content marketing? Well for starters is shows your knowledge and it brings in new leads daily to your funnels and on to your sales pages.

Thats your end goal, is to attract someone new to your online world. Get them on your list, and show them what you can do to solve their problems.

Your end goal is never really attainable, its always an on going process.

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