Why MORE Traffic Might Be Causing You To Get LESS Clients

I always used to believe that getting MORE traffic would lead me to have MORE clients.

That’s a great theory BUT it will actually cause you to run out of $$$ really quickly if you try and do it.

The market right now is full of advice about getting “more clients, more clients and more clients!”

Sure you want more clients but the problem is – if what you are doing right now (like TODAY) is not working then why would doing MORE of it get you more clients?

Doing more of what you are already doing (that is not working really well) is only going to get you more bad results.

If your ads are not really working, adding more funds to the ads are simply going to cause you to have even more wasted traffic…

I know this cause I did it FOR YOU! (-:


Let me tell you a story:

I blew through a ton of coin over the years and wound up about $55k in the hole.

I was trying every trick in the book to get more clients.

– Facebook ads.
– Getting “Fans”.
– Email marketing.
– Google traffic.
– Retargeting.
– YouTube ads.
– Blogging.
– Webinars.
– SEO.
– Article marketing.

And I bet I forgot a few. (I’m trying to erase those days out of my head…)

And at the end of the day I did get clients.

But only enough to keep my boat from totally sinking.

I was spending $2 to make $1.75.

So I thought I’d just add more stuff and it’d make it better.

And that is what I did!

More tools, software, contractors, ideas, traffic, tracking tools, gimmicks, sales, launches, member programs, products & fads.

And at the end of the day the only thing I got was MORE DEBT!


The issue is not more traffic! Cause the problem is that when you get more traffic you have to keep increasing the complexity of your systems.

It’s just the way it is…

And that’s what happened to me.

I created a monster that I had to feed everyday which kept me in the poor house.

Same with you.

You probably want to add an additional $10k to $30k a month (or more) to your business…

But when you look at the math all as you see is a mess!

Complexity, more traffic, frustration and more of what you’ve been experiencing times about 100!

Well no wonder you are not there yet!

Your brain is protecting itself from more chaos and disasters.

The good news is there is a VERY SIMPLE way to fix this…

There is really only 3 things we gotta do to fix this.

Once we line up the 3 things using my “Big money with small traffic” formula you don’t have to worry about getting all complex and crazy.

Just rinse and repeat.

So if you are ready to fix this, hopefully add an extra $10k to $30k a month to your coaching business WITHOUT having to get a ton of traffic then click the link below and lets chat.

Just let me know a bit about your situation and will book a call so I can help you fix this and teach you the “Big Money With Small Traffic” formula:

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