Why you must get good at creating and selling digital products.

Lets start off with all the negative stuff we can think of that can go wrong online.

What if you cpa network closes down? What if your affiliate networks closes down the offer you are promoting?

What is the affiliate network does not want to pay you after waiting net 30 days?

What if the traffic source you have been crushing it with terminates your account?

Ok, Ok, had to go negative on you, but these are all things that have happened to me. And to many others.

So its important to understand that If you create and sell your own digital products…

You Are In Control.

You control the list you grow. You control the income you want to make. You control the traffic source. You control when you get paid. You control if you want to promote the product or not.

See how much control you have here?

Your own digital products let you weather any storm. Anything that comes up that will derail your online business, or income.

If you are relying 100% of affiliate marketing, or other 3rd party traffic sources then anything can happen to put you out of business real fast.

But when you create and sell your digital products. You never have to worry about anyone else.

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