How To Work From Home and Quit That Job

Back a few years ago I remember that the only way to work from home was pick up the phone or invite people over to your house.

Now with the internet anyone can work from home.  In fact that is what most companies are doing, but why not work for  yourself.

But how do you do it?

The first thing you want to do is build a distribution network.  This can be a youtube channel, facebook fanpage, facebook group, twitter account, and even an instagram account.

All of these are channels that you can promote your products or services.

When creating a distribution channel find a large audience with a huge problem.   Attract that audience to your channel and then offer products that helps solve their problems.

As your distribution channel grows with people you attract, then you will start to see more and more sales.

When that happens you can quit that job you dont want to be at and start to work from home.

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