Your A Newbie, Can You Sell Your Coaching?

A lot of people think that to be a coach or consultant, you must have built a few million dollar businesses and have a ton of experience under your belt. The good news is this is not entirely true.

To sell coaching services, you have to be really good at ONE thing.

Just one!

It’s up to you what that one thing is.

Better if it’s something you’re already knowledgeable about or something you already have skills in.

Maybe you have a unique traffic system that gets tens of thousands of visitors to your site per day.

Or, perhaps you’re really good at guest blog posting, gaining the attention of influencers from all around your niche. You could even be so good that influencers invite you to guest post on a regular basis on their blogs.

Or, you can make videos that set people’s hair on fire each and every time. It could be that you have a knack for visual effects that always compel people to explore further.

Or maybe you have a “secret technique” that boosts conversions through the roof.

Whatever your one thing is, if you’re good at it, there are people out there that want you to show them what you know. Not everyone knows everything, so if you know something others don’t, you’re at a huge advantage.

It’s called social currency.

It gives you an edge over the rest. Of course, the rest would want to have a share in that “currency” that you have as well.

And they don’t just want a 20-page PDF, a couple of blog posts, or even a set of 1-minute explainer videos. They want one-on-one HELP. They want to talk to the person behind it all.

And that’s where you come in.

And don’t even let anyone tell you that you can’t coach. Don’t even let you yourself tell you that.

People need your help. It’s selfish not to offer it. It is a win/win for both you and your new clients to get them off to a fast start.

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